Hilly's MX Memoirs - Big Stack in Ballarat

02/06/2016 03:00PM 0 Comment(s)

Hey Everyone


Crazy weekend at Ballarat's round of the Western Region Series. Unfortunately, I had a big stack in the last race when I hit a hole in the upramp. Two people had already fallen off on this jump but from what I was told they were on the right side of the upramp, I was in the middle, so I'm guessing there was a new hole forming in my race. I remember hitting the ground and instantly started trying to crawl off the track, as I didn't want to get hit. I was very shaken up and pretty dizzy, but that all went away when I remembered I needed to finish the race to stay in the championship.


As for the other two races, I came 10th and 19th. Both no good, with a bad start in the first and a small crash in the second. Although my results are disappointing, I was riding quite good, it felt good to have a break from the rough sandy tracks and have a ride on a nice tacky track. I noticed that I didn't get exhausted. The races in this series are shorter, compared to the Vic Titles, which are nearly twice as long, meaning my fitness work I'd been doing meant very little. It came down to getting a good start and there was no room for error. I noticed my new change in riding style (lowered centre of gravity) helped to keep the wheels planted turning into the sharp corners at Ballarat. I could also change position on the bike much quicker then usual.


I also stepped out in some flashy new Fox 360 Cauz gear thanks to Wimmera Motorcycle Co.


Let's put this race behind me and bring on a better day with Round 3 at Wonthaggi on Sunday.


Cheers, Hilly.

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