Hilly's MX Memoirs - Colac Vic Titles

29/04/2016 03:00PM 0 Comment(s)

Hey Everyone


Round 2 of the Victorian Titles in Colac was great over the weekend. I really enjoyed racing as well as coming away with good results. I'm very happy to have discontinued the bad luck I've had there in the past, with Colac being where l broke my arm in the first race of the last season.


The day started great when I came in from practice feeling like I hadn't even ridden, my fitness has improved. In my class, there was around 44 riders entered, which meant we had heats. This means they just split the class in two and have two different races. Throughout the day they swap riders around so that everyone has raced each other, then they mix the results together.


In my first race I came third, when that was mixed with the other heat, it ended up sixth.


As the day progressed, the track was proving a real challenge. By my first race, it was already rougher, then a western region track gets after a whole day! I thought I was on top of my fitness, but a good old sand track is enough to make anyone sweat. I learnt a lot from my fifteen minute motos, I need more core strength so I can stay lower to the bike while standing up over the large bumps.


I am pleased with the day, I placed 8th overall and am now sitting in 12th for the championship. I've got many things to practice over the next few weeks. I can't wait for the Ballarat and Colac Western Regions next month.


A big shout out to Wimmera Motorcycle Co for their continuing support.


Cheers Hilly.

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