Hilly's MX Memoirs - Portland Mud

24/03/2016 04:00PM 0 Comment(s)

Hey everyone


The second round of the Western Region series was in total contrast to my first two races of the year, it was very, muddy. We headed to Heywood on Saturday afternoon, where they had received rain in the lead up to the event. So instead of worrying about dust we were playing in the mud.


The track was pretty muddy in the first race and was hard going especially while battling with a mate. I fell off twice in two deep, slippery ruts, this wasn't too much of a worry because most riders fell off in this race. The track soaked some sun and was perfect in the second race but was pretty rough, had good, but deep ruts and was great to ride, a real challenge as I don't get the opportunity to ride in those conditions often.


The muddy track gave me the chance to really test out my new Oakley AirBrake Goggles.  These are the largest vision in motocross and they worked a treat. Thanks to WMC. Many clubs have banned tear offs and I would recommend these.


Overall, I had a great day, finishing 5th overall and while the season is just getting going, I'm feeling good about my season ahead.


I'm looking forward to the MX Nationals coming to Horsham on 3 April. This is an unbelievable show, to see the dedication, fitness and expertise of the best riders in Australia is well worth a trip out to the Horsham Motocross Track. I reckon you should all get around it, you will love it.




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