Hilly's MX Memoirs - Vic Seniors

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Hey everyone,


The first round of the Senior Victorian Championships went very well. I placed 14th overall, as you can see in the picture of the start line, there were close to 40 riders in my race. I was quite nervous heading into the first corner, I got a bad start and was stuck behind some slower riders. In a deep rut in a corner on second lap, a person fell off in front of me. I wasn't thinking quick enough and I too fell off! This put me into 3rd last position, so there was a lot of riders ahead of me. I tried my hardest to work my way up the pack but couldn't get a clear spot on the track to get some flow happening.


I finished the race in 25th and felt I could do better if I found some smooth lines and stayed upright.


The second race went more to plan, I picked a better start gate and found myself in about 15th. I was suffering from the 35° heat, as the cloud coverage had only just drifted away. I was battling the harsh dust which was making it difficult to breathe steadily, as well as see the track and focus. Although I was still struggling, I'm from the Wimmera and felt I might've had the upper hand in the heat.


I finished up 13th in the second race, then did some study before my third race, I watched a lot of starts to see what gates were the best and I watched the top riders of the pro class as they found different lines throughout their race. In the first corner of my 3rd race, a few other riders had the same idea of sneaking through the inside, so it was still congested but worked a lot better then my previous races. I tried my hardest to use the lines that the faster riders were using. It made me faster around the whole track and I made some good passes using them. I came in 11th for the 3rd race, I was absolutely spent, putting the bike on its stand was much harder then it should've been! 11th was a massive improvement since the first race and I was pleased with how much I learnt throughout the day.


I'm already extremely excited for the next round at Colac, where I've had a mixed bag of results in the past. I'm feeling more confident now as a racer and I have more knowledge and fitness since last year. I'm aiming for top ten in the next round of Vics as well as top five for the next region. These are goals that will challenge me, there's no guarantee in motocross, but I'll try my best to stay fit and keep practising in the meantime.


A huge thank you to Wimmera Motorcycle Co for some flashy new FOX360 gear that felt great to wear. There is plenty of room in the legs for my knee braces and was very comfortable in the hot conditions.




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