New Bike & Class Upgrade

10/10/2016 04:00PM

Hi everyone, 

It's been a while since my last post, I have been out of action with a couple of issues but things are looking very positive now.  I have been graded to B Grade for the 2017 Race Season.  This was my main goal coming into the 2016 Season and I'm excited to be moving into a Class with faster riders, which will help me improve while pushing me a bit harder.

I'm also very excited about my new 2017 YZ250F from Wimmera Motorcycle Co.  I have ridden my new bike a few times around Horsham.  Last weekend I went to Hamilton for my first race which was awesome to give it a good run.  

Since then, I've ridden at the Academy of MX, supporting the Coaches in teaching new riders, and am feeling very confident on my new bike.

This Saturday is Round 2 of the Horsham Motorcycle Club's Club Champs.  It will be a good opportunity to give my bike a good run on a track that I've done thousands of laps on.  

I'm extremely thankful for the new bike and support from Wimmera Motorcycle Co - they have done so much for me and are a big motivator for me.  I am already itching for the next Season to start!

Until then, I will be in the gym and out on the cycle bike to be fit and ready for Round One.

Thanks, Hilly.

Hilly new YZ250F (1).JPGHilly new YZ250F (2).JPGHilly new YZ250F (3).JPG